Farm & Ranch Properties

There’s a lifestyle revolution in Houston and it’s all about time and enjoying what you work so hard to achieve. It’s a generational shift away from an all-consuming focus on the C-Suite.

We serve some of the finest farms and ranches in the US

At Carnan Properties, we’re part of that generational shift. We celebrate enjoying more in life than work. So when the only way to “get away” is to actually get away, let us help you find a second home and a private lifestyle all your own.

The rolling hills of East Texas and Central Texas, and the plateaus of the Texas Hill Country, offer some of the finest farms and ranches in the United States. Carnan Properties Farm and Ranch Division agents are a special breed, licensed farm and ranch real estate specialists who understand all facets of the rural, second-home property market.

From weekend gentleman farms and horse properties to working cattle ranches and polo estancias, we present our clients with choices clear across Texas.